Date Venue City Tickets
Jan 27 Savannah Center The Villages, FL
Jan 29 Lakeland Center Lakeland, FL Tickets
Feb 13 Hollywood Improv Los Angeles, CA Tickets
Feb 20 Woodfield Country Club Boca Raton, FL (Private Event)
Feb 24 Boca West Country Club Boca Raton, FL (Private Event)
Feb 27 (8pm) Bellaggio Lake Worth, FL
Feb 28 (7pm) Pontivecchio Boynton Beach, FL
Feb 28 (9pm) Coral Lakes Boynton Beach, FL
Mar 1 (7pm) Huntington Lakes Delray Beach, FL
Mar 3 (8pm) Laugh In Comedy Café Fort Meyers, FL Tickets
Mar 5 (8pm) McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre Sarasota, FL Tickets
Mar 6 (8pm) Kings Point Delray Delray Beach, FL
Mar 7 (8pm) Huntington Pointe Delray Beach, FL
Mar 28 (7:30pm) Crockett Civic Center Crockett, TX Tickets
Aug 4 Aladdin Shrine Columbus, OH 440-943-5480
Aug 5 Palace Theater Greensburg, PA
Aug 7 Croatian Lodge Eastlake, OH 440-943-5480
Aug 27, 28, 29, & 30 The Five Star Theatre Hot Springs, AR Tickets